Yessica Carrizales
Ms. Ella Browder
May 5, 2012
Child Abuse
The novel The Bean Trees talks about a three year old girl who has been abused. April, Turtle's real identity, was staged at a catatonic state. Throughout the novel, April begins to trust those who surround her especially Taylor, the woman she was handed over to in the middle of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. Taylor discovers that the baby girl had been abused and sexually molested. She names the child Turtle because of her tendency to grip onto objects and people resemble a turtle. Experiencing love from Taylor and others in the community, Turtle feels secure and safe enough to begin speaking. Her first words are the names of vegetables. Eventually, Turtle is adopted by Taylor.
Turtle found a family in Taylor's arms ; Although, Taylor has spent her life avoiding pregnancy, she keeps turtle with her. She became a mother to April. She did everything she could to help make April a normal child. So that she could forget her past, and be as playful as any other child her age would be. To make matters worse, Taylor found out that April's mother had past away. And she was uncertain about the rest of her family, if she even had any. After awhile Turtle finally smiled, laughed, played, and even began speaking. Thanks to Taylor, April began accommodating herself to Taylor's love or her. Taylor had a close bond with April. She was determined to do anything to keep her as her official child.
The police investigation into the attack on Turtle reveals that Taylor has no legal claim on Turtle. Taylor will be forced to give her to a state ward or find a way around the law. The social worker in Tucson gives Taylor the name of a legal advisor in Oklahoma, where the laws are different. Mattie becomes worried about Estevan and Esperanza's safety. A recent crackdown on illegal imm igration will force them to find a new home, because they are illegal immigrants in Oklahoma. While there, she will look for Turtle's relatives and see if they will consen to a lega l adoption. Once in Oklahoma, Taylor returns to the bar where she received Turtle but finds that it ha s changed owners. There are no signs of the people she met there seven mo nths before Taylor constructs a plan to convince the authorities in Oklahoma that Estevan a nd Espera nza are Turtle's biological parents. Once in the office of Mr. Armstead, the legal authority in Oklahoma, Esperanza and Estevan pretend to be Turtle's biological parents. Esperanza sobs real tears at the prospect of giving up Turtle, and Taylor realizes that Esperanza is grieving the loss of her own daughter, who looked so much like Turtle. Taylor and Turtle drop off Taylor then calls her mother, who comforts her. Taylor and Turtle head back to Tucson, a place tha t both of them now call home.
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Child abuse casts a shadow the lenght of a lifetime -Herbert Ward.