How did Turtle evolve from the start to the end of the novel? Give specific examples and passages if needed.

"The bean trees" is story relating the journey of Taylor and Turtle finding the new life. Both of their life had changed into a new page, totally different. Taylor became a mother of a child unexpectedly, and Turtle had found a new mother, new family with full of loves, concerns, and security.On the way of travel, they met Mattie, Lou Ann, Angel, Estevan and Esperanza who tried their best to help them.
Taylor Greer, who was a strong-willed and unpredictable young woman, left her hometown to begin her new life. On the way to find a new place, her car broke down in central Oklahoma. She was tired and didn't want to drive anymore. She drove around and decided to stop at Budweiser bar. She met the woman, who was a round woman, not too old, wrapped in a blanket, and thought that woman wanted to wash her car. Unfortunately, the woman didn't want to wash Taylor's car, she left a child on Taylor's car seat, instead.
"... Then she set this bundle down on the seat of my car.
" Take this baby," she said.
" Is this your kid?"
"She shook her head." My dead sister's."
" Are you saying you want to give me this child?"
" Yes." " ( on page 17-18)
That was the Indian girl, cute girl but kind of quiet. Taylor named the baby Turtle. Turtle knew her name when she was called, but she still wasn't talking.
Taylor and Turtle kept going on their way. They crossed the Arizona state. And in here, Taylor met Mattie who was the owner of Jesus Is Lord Used Tires. Taylor was surprised because Turtle did defer to Mattie's demand.
"..." It's all right, honey," Mattie said. "You put that one in your mouth and I'll give you another one." Turtle did. I was amazed. She had never been this kind to Mrs. Hoge." (page 42)
Taylor thought Mattie could be grandbabies. Because she knew how to talk to how to hold Turtle, and the Turtle always did whatever Mattie said. That made Taylor was embarrassed.
" ...Mattie said to Turtle in a grownup-to-baby voice...I picked up Turtle but she went on banging the cu against my shoulder...I wondered what, exactly, could be "something like" grandbabies." (page 44)
Turtle liked Mattie that made Taylor got mad.
" I was useless. I was crazy to think I was doing this child a favor by whisking her away from the Cherokee Nation. Noe she would probably end up mummified in Arizona." (page 45)
Taylor and Turtle went around to looking for a place for living and a brief job while they were waiting for her car got fixed. Finally, she found out a job at Burger Derby.Taylor kept finding a house for her and Turtle. She decided to live with Lou Ann. Turtle was still silence, she had no any reactions when some people tried to get her attention, therefore they thought she was a nitwit. But Taylor she didn't believe that, she knew that Turtle had had a real rough time.
"...Timothy was trying to get Turtle's attention by making faces, so far with no luck." (p 71)
"...Nothing happened. In their own way, they were so polite it was pathetic. I mean, it was plain as day they thought Turtle was a dimwit and I was from some part of Mars...) (p72)
Taylor and Lou Ann were trying to help Turtle. Taylor bought books and Lou Ann tried to figure out Turtle's real name. Unfortunately, the result still stayed the same.
At Jesus Is Lord Used Tires , Taylor met Estevan and his wife whose name was Esperanza. Taylor had presentiment that had something between Esperanza and Turtle when she saw the way Esperanza looked at Turtle.
"...There had been something of a scene between her and Turtle earlier that day...She couldn't take her eyes off Turtle..."(p 93)
"...Esperanza kept watching Turtle" (p 94)
Taylor realized that Turtle always had frantic, strenuous dreams. In her dream, she could do anything she wanted. Taylor could feel that there had something was terrible which had happened to Turtle.
"...Turtle always had desperate, active dreams. In sleep, it seemed, she was free to do all things that during her waking life she could only watch."(p 95)
There had an incident that had happened and made Taylor was very happy and excited which was a smile of Turtle. That was a first smile and sound from Turtle during the time between of Turtle and Taylor. Lou Ann was amazed as well.
"...Knowing that Turtle's first uttered sound was a laugh brought me no end of relief...Surely she would have bided her time while she saved up whole words, even sentences..."(p 96)
Couple days later,Turtle had had her first word when they were in Mattie's backyard helping her something. Taylor gave Turtle some seeds of pepper, of eggplants and beans. Turtle looked at Taylor and said "Bean." How wonderful that was. Taylor could not hide her expression. She picked Turtle up, gave her a hug, and said Turtle was a smartest girl ever.
"...I scooped a handful of big white beans out of Mattie's jars. " These are beans. Remember white beans soup with ketchup? Mmm, you like that."
"Bean," Turtle said. "Humbean."
I looked at Mattie.
...I picked up Turtle and gave her a hug."That's right, that's a bean. And you're just about the smartest kid alive," I told her. Mattie just smiled."(p97)
Taylor gave Turtle some beans and recommended her just play with them, keep them and do not eat them. Taylor, she believed that Turtle understood her, every single word of her. Turtle kept repeating "Humbean" on the way home.
"...Honest to God, I believe she understood that. For the next half hour she sat quietly between two squash hills, playing with her own beans."(p98)
Taylor decided to celebrate a party which called celebration of Turtle's first word. But the end of the week she had said so many new words, and Taylor couldn't understand, all things she did was just image. In her opinion, Turtle had a one-track vocabulary.
At the party, Taylor had a chance to know some people, some messy people because they seemed like have no time to dress up for dinner. Once again, Esperanza had a weird action. She point at Turtle and smile. They were pleasuring in watching Turtle. They laughed and cheered her on, but it made Turtle was startled and cried.
"...Esperanza pointed at Turtle. It was the first time I ever saw her smile, and I was struck with what a lovely woman she was when you really connected. Then the smile left her again.
Turtle, wielding a chopstick in each hand, had managed to pick up a chunk of pineapple. Little by little she moved it upward toward her wide-open mouth, but the sticks were longer than her arms. The pineapple hung in the air over her head and then fell behind her onto the floor. We laughed and cheer her on, but Turtle was so startled she cried. I picked her up and help her on my lap."(p 107)
Day by day, Turtle talked more and more, she even knew how to sing and the names of more vegetables as well. She had lots of emotional and expressive improvements such as " ..We waved our arms at them, and Turtle looked up and waved at us." (p114). She came back to a childhood that she might not have before. She would love being hear her favorite book every night before she went to bed. And now, she called every women Ma something. "...Lou Ann was Ma Wooahn, which Lou Ann said sounded like something you'd eat with chopsticks,and I was just Ma. We never told her these names, she just came to them on her own"(p115)
Taylor was thinking about taking Turtle went to see a doctor once although she was healthy as corn. She took an appointment and then brought Turtle there. The doctor asked Taylor about the relationship between her and Turtle and then he took a X-ray examination. At that time, they found out that Turtle was three years old. "...On the basis of height and weight he'd assumed she was around twenty-four months, he said, but the development of cartilage in the carpals and metacarpals indicated that she was closer to three."(p123)
Thinking of all these Turtle's secret scars obsessed Taylor. She seriously worried about that and just wanted to talk to Lou Ann. In conversation between Taylor and Lou Ann, they figured out Turtle's real name when Lou Ann said, April unexpectedly.
"..."No, I'm saying that bill was for April. She looked up when you say April, especially if you sound mad."
Turtle did look up again.
"Don't you get it?" Lou Ann asked.
I didn't.
"That's her name! April's her name!..." (p128)
Turtle was growing up and could recognize the world by her own eyes. One day, Taylor hear Turtle talked a new word "bean trees", but Taylor did not pay attention and thought that was a bee. After that, she looked where Turtle was pointing, and knew Turtle had talked about some of the wisteria flowers had gone seed.
" ...Turtle was starting up at the wisteria flowers."Beans," she said, pointing.
"Bees," I said. "Those things that go bzzzz are bees."
"They sting," Lou Ann pointed out.
But Turtle shook her head. " Bean trees," she said, as plainly as if she had been thinking about it all day. We looked where she was pointing. Some of the wisteria flowers had gone to seed, and all these wonderful long green pods hung down from the branches. They looked as much like beans as anything you'd ever care to eat.
"Will you look at that," I said. It was another miracle. The flower trees were turn into bean trees." (p143-144)
A terrible night was coming when Taylor came back home. Lou Ann was crying, screaming and with her frightened face. Taylor knew that something was wrong. She's totally distraught when Lou Ann said it as Turtle. Immediately they ran into Edna Poppy's house. Taylor saw Turtle sitting with Edna, but she was changed, her eyes was different. Taylor felt sorrow, hopeless and empty knowing that Turtle was kidnapped or molested by someone. She was scared that Turtle would not say anything, being quiet.
"...I knew right away that something had gone wrong. Lou Ann was standing on the front porch waiting and she looked terrible, not just because she was under a yellow light bulb. She had been crying, possibly screaming-her mouth looked stretched. She wasn't even supposed to be home yet.
I ran up the sidewalk, almost tripping twice on the steps.
"What is it? Are you okay?"
"It's not me, Taylor. I'm so sorry to have to tell you this. I'm so sorry. It's Turtle."
"Oh God, no." I went past her into the house.
Edna Poopy was sitting on the sofa with Turtle in her lap. all in one piece as far as I could see, but Turtle was changed. All these months we had spent together were gone for her. I knew it from her eyes: two cups of black coffee. I remembered exactly, exactly, hoe the whites of her eyes had been thin slivers of moon around the dark centers, how they had glowed orange, on and off..."(p165)
"..."I heard a peculiar sound," Edna said. She seemed almost in another world, a hypnotized person speaking out of a trance." It sounded just like a bag of flour hitting the dirt. Turtle had been talking, or singing I suppose would be more like it, and then she was quiet, just didn't make a peep, but I her struggling sounds..." (p166)
The police and social worker came. They wanted to find some witness that Turtle had been molested. They needed to talk to her. Taylor denied that way, because Turtle won't talk, and she thought Turtle won't talk again. The police and social worker explained that they would use these dolls which are anatomically accurate, and Turtle could say what had happened to her through those stuffs. The medical examiner said that finger-shaped bruises were all things they found, and no any evidence to prove Turtle had been molested.
"..."Yes, of course. If we find evidence that she's been molested we'll need to talk with the child about it."
" She won't talk," I said. "Not now. Maybe not ever."
The social worker put her hand on my arm."Children do recover from this kind of thing," she said. "Eventually they want to talk about what's happened to them."
..."I think you'll find that your daughter can be a surprisingly resilient little person. But it's very important that we let her say that she needs to say. Sometimes we use these dolls. They're anatomically accurate," she said, and show me." (p167)
"... The medical examiner said that there was no evidence Turtle had been molested. She was shaken up, and there were finger-shaped bruises on her right shoulder, and that was all." (p168)
Taylor and Turtle visit Cynthia, who was a social worker, twice a week. Turtle was fine and talked again. She talked about "bad man" and buried the dollies. Cynthia was concerned about that but Taylor thought Turtle just wanted to grow dolly trees . Cynthia notified Taylor had no legal claim to Turtle, and Turtle may come to the attention of the Child Protection Services Division of the Department of Economic Security. That really mad Taylor felt more worries and depresses.
"...Turtle turned out to be, as the social worker predicted, resilient. Within a few weeks she was talking again. She never did anything with the anatomical rag dolls except plan them under Cynthia's desk blotter, but she did talk about some "bad man" and how how Ma Poppy had "popped him one."" (p 172)
"... Cynthia was concerned about Turtle's tendency to bury the dollies, believing that it indicated a fixation with death, but I assured her that Turtle was only trying to grow dolly trees."(p172)
"...During the third week of sessions with Cynthia she informed me that it has recently come to the attention
of the Child Protection Services Division of the Department of Economic Security, in the course of the police investigation, that I has no legal claim Turtle." (p173)
"..." I understand that. But the problem is that you have no legitimate claim. A verbal agreement with a relative isn't good enough. You can't prove to the police that it happened that way. That you didn't kidnap her, for instance, or that the relatives weren't coerced."(p173)
Taylor was thinking about that, she related that to Mattie and had received Mattie's counsel was to come back to see Cynthia to discuss Turtle's future. The appointment with Cynthia was on a Friday afternoon, Taylor was surprised and thankful because Cynthia was willing to help Taylor found the papers and information needed allow Turtle's legal adoption.
"..."Have I answered your questions, Taylor?"
" Mostly. Not completely. I'd like to know how a person would go about finding the information you mentioned. About the laws in different states. Like Oklahoma, for instance."
" I can took that up and get back to you. If you like, I can get you the name of someone in Oklahoma City who could help you formalize the papers."
This took me by surprise. "You'd be willing to help me out?"
"Certainly. I', on your side here, Taylor.""(p180)
Taylor planned to drive Turtle, Estevan and Esperanza to a safe house in Oklahoma and tried to find Turtle's relatives. The trip would be departed on next morning.
".. I sat down on the bench. "Listen, I've made up my mind about something. I'm going to drive Esperanza and Estevan to a safe house in Oklahoma. And while I'm there I'm going to see if I can can find any of Turtle's relatives." (p183)
One night, a night-blooming cerecus was blossoming. That was a miracle because the flowers open for only one night of the year, and then they are gone. Turtle liked it, and enjoyed it. She had no idea about the flower.
"...Enormous blossoms covered the plant from knee level to high above our heads. Turtle advanced on it slowly, walking right up to one of the flowers, which was larger then her face.
" Is that?" Turtle wanted to know. She touched it, and it did not shrivel, but only swayed a little on the end of its long green branch.
" It's a flower, dear," Virgie said
..." Cereus," I said. Even its name sound silvery and mysteripus.
" See us," Turtle repeated." (p185,186)
On the way to Oklahoma, Taylor was nervous when the office asked whose Turtle's parents? She hesitated a little bit so Estevan said that was his child. Taylor appreciated that. During the way to Oklahoma, Taylor saw the relationship increasing between Esperanza and Turtle, and she did think that Esperanza looked more like Turtle's mother then she did. It bothered and made her feel jealous.
"... I asked Turtle if anything looked familiar. When I looked in the rear-view mirror I caught sight of her on Esperanza's lap, playing with Esperanza's hair and trying on Esperanza's sunglasses. Later I saw them playing a clapping-hands game. The two of them looked perfectly content: "Madonna and Child with Pink Sunglasses." Nobody, not even a Mayan, could say they weren't. One time I thought-though I couldn't swear it- I heard her call Turtle Ismene. I was getting a cold feeling in the bottom of my stomach."(p198)
Finding Turtle's relatives was not easy. Taylor felt tired and confused but was unwilling to give up.
"..."I can't give up," I said as I turned the car around. I smacked my palms on the steering wheel again and again."(p203)
They approached Lake o' the Cherokees. Here, Taylor's heart skipped a beat when Turtle shouted,"Mama!" while they were passing a cemetery.
"... Once, all of sudden, Turtle shouted, "Mama!" She was pointing out the window.
My heart lost its beat for a second. To my knowledge she had never referred to anyone as Mama. We looked, but couldn't see anybody at all along the road. There was only a gas station and a cemetery."(p205)
Day by day, Taylor realized the distance between Turtle and Esperanza were closer, and becoming inseparable.
"...Turtle and Esperanza were becoming inseparable. Turtle sat on her lap, played with her, and whined at the rest stops when Esperanza wanted to go to the bathroom by herself. I suppose I should have been grateful for the babysitting. I couldn't quite imagine how would I have kept Turtle entertained by myself, while I was driving."(p205)
Taylor looked at Turtle playing with her doll babies and thought she wants to plan the beans. But not, Turtle patted the mound of dirt and said, "Mama". The treas were running on Taylor's cheek when she knew Turtle had seen her mama get buried here. Taylor tried to console Turtle that would not happen again, and that she would try as hard as to stay with Turtle. Turtle understood everything, she poked Taylor's cheek.
"...I went over and squatted beside her at the foot of the tree."I've got to explain something to you, sweet pea. Some things grow into bushes or trees when you plant them, but other things don't. Beans do, doll babies don't"
"Yes," Turtle said, patting the mound of dirt. "Mama."
...I kneeled down and puuled Turtle into my lap. "Did you see yor mama get buried like that?" I asked her.
It was one of the many times in Turtle's and my life together that I was to have no notion of what to do.
..."I'm sorry," I said. "It's awful, awful sad when people die. You don't ever get to see them again. You understand that she's gone now, don't you?"
Turtle said,"Try?" She poked my cheek with her finger.
...After a while I told Turtle, "You already know there's no such thing as promises, But I'll try as hard as I can stay with you."
"yes." Turtle said. She wiggled off my lap and returned to her dirt pile. She patted a handful of pine needles onto the mound. "Grow beans," she said.
" Do you want to leave your dolly here?" I asked.
Taylor, Turtle, Esperanza and Estevan went to the office of a notary public in Oklahoma. In there, Esperanza and Estevan disguised parents' Turtle and gave her to Taylor because they had no competence for raising a child, and they trusted Taylor would be a good mother. Esperanza was in deep pain over giving up a child. She was crying and told Turtle has to be a good child. At that moment, Taylor felt she really came close to closing Turtle and she had no way to take Turtle from Esperanza.
"..."We love her. Maybe someday we will have more children, but not now. Now is so hard. We move around so much, we have nothing, no home." Esperanza was sobbing. This was no act. Estevan handed her handkerchief, and she held it to her face.
"Try, Ma?" Turtle said.
"That's right, Turtle," I said quietly." She's crying."
Estevan reached over and lifted Turtle out of her amrs. He stood her up, her small blue sneakers set firmly on his knees, and held her gently by the shoulders and looked into her eyes." You must be a good girl. Remember. Good and strong, like your mother." I wondered which mother he meant, there were so many possibilities. I was touched to think he might mean me.
"Okay," Turtle said.
...The rest of us watched. Mr. Armistead stopped fidgeting and Mrs. Cleary's hands on her papers went still. Here were a mother and her daughter, nothing less. A mother and child-in a world that could barely be bothered with mothers and children-who were going to be taken apart. Everybody believed it. Possibly Turtle Believed it. I did.
Of all the many times when it seemed to be so, that was the only moment in which I really came close to losing Turtle. I couldn't have taken her from Esperanza. If she had asked, I couldn't have said no.
When she let go, letting Turtle sit gently back on her lap, Turtle had the sniffles." (p215)
They arrived at the sanctuary church. They passed four cemeteries and at each of them Turtle called, "Mama," and said, "Bye bye," at the sight of passing gravestones.
"...We passed four cemeteries on the way to the Pottawatomie Presbyterian Church of St. Micheal and All Angels, future home of Steven and Hope Two Two, and at each one of them Turtle called, "Mama!"
There would come a time when she would just wave at the sight of passing gravestones and quietly say, "Bye bye."" (p217
Taylor and Turtle went to a public library to pass the time waiting for the adoption paper. At a library, Taylor read some books about bean trees, cycle of wisteria and explained to Turtle.
"...She smacked the table while I read to her in a whisper about the life cycle of wisteria."(p227)
After many days and long hours finding and waiting for adoption paper, finally, Turtle was legal daughter of Taylor. They decided to move to Tucson. Taylor showed the adoption certificate tried to explain to Turtle that now she was her mother and they were going home. Turtle was excited for being with Taylor, and sang, " Home, home, home, home."
"...I let turtle see the adoption certificate and she looked at it for very long time, considering that there were no picture on it.
" That means you're my kid," I explained, " and I'm your mother, and nobody can say it isn't so. I'll keep that paper for you till you're older, but it's yours. So you'll always know who you are."
..."You know where you're going now? We're going home."
She swung her heels against the seat. "Home, home, home, home," she sang.
The poor kid had spent so much for her life in a car, she probably felt more at home on the highway than anywhere else. "Do you remember home?" I asked her. "That house where we live with Lou Ann and Dwayne Ray? We'll be there before you know it."
But it didn't seem to matter to turtle, she was happy where she was." (p 232)
The terrible memories were till on Turtle's mind. It's hard to help her come back to a normal life, but with all of the loves, affections, concerns, helps from Taylor, Mattie, Lou Ann, Estevan, and Esperanza, her pains were relieved. Turtle was a poor child, she deserved to have with her new family, her mew mother, and a new life full of happiness. From now on, she would be happy with her Taylor, who did not make any promises but would stay with her in anyway.