Dynamic Character Taylor

Taylor is a dynamic character in the sense that she has changed dramatically since the beginning of the novel. She appears completely different at the end of the novel then she appears at the beginning of the novel. Dictionary.com defines a dynamic character as the following “a literary or dramatic character who undergoes an important inner change, as a change in personality or attitude.” This description completely explains some of the characteristics that Taylor Greer as a person goes through throughout the novel.Taylor Greer or also known as missy is kind of at tomboy and practical. .

She views her hometown as a tiny town repeating a cycle, and she decides she wants to avoid the trap of an early pregnancy and make her escape to a more interesting life. This turns out to be very ironic because she ends up with a child known as turtle (April) in the novel and becomes the legal guardian. Taylor goes through several internal struggles as the novel progresses. During the novel one struggle she had to deal with was the fact turtle was harmed while in her car in some way. She began to doubt her ability to be a provider, her ability to be a mother to turtle at all. She thought that maybe she would be better off with social services.

However this is an important part of Taylor’s transformation as a character because she was able to overcome this and believe that she could be turtle’s mother. This is relevant because as criteria to be or become a dynamic character in the novel she has undergone and important inner change. Remember before Taylor was such in a hurry to leave her home town to escape the terror or repetitive cycle of having children and marrying a farmer as explained in this quote. “Mama always said that barefoot and pregnant was not my style. She knew. It was in this frame of mind the I made it to my last year of high school without event. Believe me in those days the girls were dropping by the wayside like seeds off a poppy seed bun and you learned to look at every day as a prize” (Kingslover 3)

As she competes with poverty, and the challenge of an unasked-for child, and many other trials, Taylor’s wit and spirit remain intact through it all even through her transformation from who she was at the beginning of the novel to who she has become at the end a mother.