Abuse is too treat with cruelty or violence on a repeative or consistent term. There are many difftent type of forms of abuse, there is verbal, assault, and last but not least sexually. In the U.S. sexual abuse is happening every 2 minutes thats 720 times a DAY!!! Just think, while we're seating back playing or video games, drinking our coffee, or even studying fro a math exam; there somebody getting sexually abused. Sexual abuse can scar a person mentally, physically and emotionally. Abuse will also hinder a person growing and developmental process. The Bean Trees a book written by Barbara Kingsolver is a great example of how not just sexual abuse but emotional abuse is occuring in todays society.

In the book The Bean Trees a child by the name of Turtle was sexually assaulted at a age thats too young do even dare dream of. It put her in a stat of mind of not wanting to talk or compel to show affection in a childly state. Hindering a developmental stage and mental a physical growth.

I really never had a thought or felt any type of way of people being abused. I thought it was just a figure of speech or just thought less about it. Because of ignorance of the fact and lack of knowledge. As I have grown older and looked at life at a difftent perspective. Talked too a couple of people. Some of close loved ones have been abused and it still stick in there mind today. I would say its a chain reaction. Due to unjustice and unforgivness. This could change a persons life in a blink of an eye. So lets not be ignorant too the fact that its happening right now as you read this documentation. And lets get up and fight!!!!!