Cherokee Indians and Guatemalans People

The Cherokee Indians and the Guatemalan Indians are very different,yet the
same in many ways.The Cherokee are a Native American people that settled in the
Southeastern, United States; mainly Georgia,the Carolinas, and eastern part of
part of Tennessee.More than a thousand years ago Cherokee life took on the
patterns that persisted through the eighteenth century. Each village had a peace
chief, war chief,and a priest. Men hunted and women gathered wood and cultivated the
crops which consisted of corn,beans, and squash. This was a life of harmony with nature materials for shelter, clothing, and utens[ls. Cherokee Indians are people with long straight black hair, dark colored eyes. Their cheek bones looks as if they were chisled and.
their complextion is a golden bronx.

At the southern edge that runs through Guatemala that is surrounded by three towering volcanoes is Lake Atitlian where scores of
Guatemalan Indians settlements lie scattered around the shores of the lake.Each community has repatterned its twin hertiage of
oringinal Indian and introduced Spanish tradition as a way of life. Their main crop is corn and other vegetables. Guatemalan people
travel by foot and canoes and so does the Cherokee Indians. The resemblance of the Cherokee and Guatemalan people is that
both have straight hair, dark eyes, well developed cheekbones, round faces, and bronx complexion.

In the novel: The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, the married couple,-Estevan and Esperanza helps Taylor to get legal
custody of Turtle (April) by posing as Turtle's biological parents. They accomplished what they set out to do, all because
Estavan and ESperanza, which are Guatemalan and Turtle which is Cherokee has a very striking resemblance in looks
and appearance. My personal opinion is that is the reason that Turtle took to Esperanza, she looked alot like her mother.

Guatemalan Indian
Guatemalan Indian

Cherokee Indian
Cherokee Indian