When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
— Victor Frankl

Many things that happen in our lives we have no control over. In life the things that we fear the most or run from are the things we end up conquering at the end. Taylor Greer, is a young woman who had a lot of unexpected situations come up in her life. Taylor was a determined young woman who didn't want to end up like most of the woman at her school; pregnant at an early age and not married. Taylor was able to set herself apart by staying focused and having a vision of moving on with her life once she finished school. She was challenged to take the role of motherhood, even though she wasn't mentally, financially, or emotionally ready. In today's society most young mothers who have unplanned pregnancies are forced to change their lifestyles in order to do what is best for the child's well being. Eventhough Turtle was not her biological daughther, Taylor was faced with this situation,something she tried so hard to prevent growing up.

Woman in todays society who have children before they are ready are faced with many different challenges. They are forced to make adult decisions that will not only affect them but it can affect the well being of thier child. Taylor's situation could have played out many different ways; she could not taken Turtle when the woman approached her, she could have turned the child over to child protective services, but she choosed to face an obstacle and care for this child. Taylor still a child herself had to rely on people that was placed in her path in order to care for Turtle. In todays world women go through the same thing; they rely on the help of others such as family to provide them with the tools on raising a child. It is not easy raising a child when you are still a child yourself. Taylor realized that her descisions not only affected her but affected Turtle as well. Most woman who are raising children in this lifetime have to think about how their desicions will affect there children.

In life some of the challenges that we face are the ones we need to focus on and conquer. Taylor wanted better for herself and Turtle, she worked odd jobs made friends who were in similar situations and who were also different and learned from them. Taylors mother instinct kicked in right away. Like most woman when faced with a challenge dealing with parenthood our motherly instinct will come into play. Mentally and emotionally draining, Taylor still tried to give Turtle the best way she knew how. Even after doubting herself about being Turtles mother she still pulled through and went through the proper channels to adopt Turtle as her daughter.

Taylor wasnt able to changed her situation with Turtle but she able to overcome her obstacles of being a mother before she was ready. She stayed strong and focused and was determined to keep Turtle safe. Many woman go through the same situation as Taylor, we are faced with a raising kids when we are children ourselves. Kids do not come with a manul and it does take the support and guidance of people who are close to you to help raise them. Most of the time people are put in your life for a reason and sometimes we are not clear on why they are there, it could be to make us stronger, to help us with an obstacle that we are not wanting to deal with or they can be there just for companionship. Turtle was put in Taylor's life to help her with stability and to learn more about herself.